Turn any whey protein powder into ice cream like frozen dessert with FREEZINda 2224

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FREEZINda™ is really a treat combination that could turn any pure whey protein powder into delightful frozen treats like iced treat. Share the adore with other people and begin gaining a commission payment now!

For anyone who is a pre-existing affiliate marketer, make sure you sign in in the appropriate. If you wish to participate in our affiliate program, remember to enroll now. We pay out for the previous time for each four weeks by means of Paypal, so signup together with your Paypal email address!

As soon as you register you'll get a custom reference hyperlink that you can begin sharing allowing you to get started making commission immediately. You will probably have accessibility to customized affiliate marketing resources (web coding, advertising banners, social media marketing blogposts, and much more) and also stay advance tracking when your affiliate marketer commission fees roll in!

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Commence generating a 33.7% percentage per sale. That's in excess of $5 per introduced transaction (5 package of FREEZINda™ MSRP $14.95)! To start, simply click "Home Page" about the remaining section, replicate your referral website link, and begin expressing it. About the left navigation solar panel, you can even select "Marketing Materials" for social network, electronic mail, and banner ad articles for simple revealing which will quickly include your recommendation weblink.

We shell out profits by means of Paypal for the previous day time of every four weeks. Please be aware that all referred income will have a thirty day finalizing period, to ensure purchases are already achieved rather than sent back.

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FREEZINda™ also provides a level 2 reference plan. In case you point other individuals to signup as being a FREEZINda™ affiliate marketer, you'll gain 5% commission payment on each of the revenue they produce as well. We fixed this up since you might have a friend who would be better at mentioning so we planned to prize you for posting our system with these. Click "Bring Other individuals" on the left area to begin with recommending your buddies to be an affiliate as well!

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Introducing your reference plan dashboard. On this page you'll uncover everything required so that you can start recommending FREEZINda™ to other folks and begin producing commission payment. We've made a exceptional recommendation website link simply for you. Be sure if you advise us to others, you provide them your recommendation weblink, it'll inform us which you recommended these to us and then we will pay you!

Just how much can you earn? You will earn 33.7Percent on every single known selling. That's over $5 for every single 5 load of FREEZINda™ offered (MSRP $14.95)! We shell out profits by using Paypal in the survive day time of each and every calendar month. FREEZINda™ now offers a level 2 referrer plan. When you reference other folks to signup as being a FREEZINda™ affiliate marketing, you'll generate 5Per cent payment on each of the profits they produce far too. Click "Encourage Others" for the left aspect to begin with mentioning your mates to FREEZINda™'s affiliate program also!

Lastly, we've also made some handy cutting corners if you'd prefer to reveal your hyperlink through electronic mail, your selected social networking sites, as well as by means of banner ad advertisements. You are able to look at your unique affiliate links around the ideal or by clicking "Marketing Materials" in the left behind navigation solar panel.

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  1. Have any questions? Email us at: affiliate@freezinda.com.
  2. And lastly, we've also created some handy shortcuts if you'd love to promote your link by way of.
  3. As soon as you join you'll get yourself a custom made reference.

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